How does Photolancers work if I'm a client and I want to execute a photo production?

Clients signup at Photolancers and add the information about the photography project they want to execute. Photolancer then sends the project to photographers and, if they're interested, they request access to send their quotation. Before accepting each access request, the client can check the photographer's portfolio, its experience and trajectory with great detail in order to decide if they match what they're searching for. When a photographer's request is accepted, they send their quotation.

The client and the photographer can contact via email or phone at any point in the process in order to get acquainted or to solve doubts.

There's no commission nor additional expenses, both if the project gets executed or if it doesn't. Quotations are non-biding, and if the client doesn't finds any suitable quotation, the project can be archived.

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