How does Photolancer works if I'm a photographer and I want to send a quotation?

Photographers signup at Litmind, they reate their profile and upload their portfolio there. In order to access Photolancers projects, photographers must get a Pro paid membership on Litmind.

Once the photographer's profile is ready at Litmind, we'll notify you whenever a new project is published in your area. You'll be able to see all the details about the project and to contact the client to solve any doubts.

To be able to send your quotation, you'll first need to request access to the client. The client will check your profile and your portfolio, so we recommend you to keep your profile updated, and to upload your best artworks to your Litmind portfolio. If the client likes your profile, they'll accept your request and you'll then be able to send your quotation using the tool.

If the client chooses you for their project, you'll be able to start working with them straightaway. There are no commissions for the projects you get, and there's no additional cost except for the Pro membership you've got to access the projects.

More information on how Photolancers works
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